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  Sales Promotion Employees (Conditions of Service) Rules

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Related Legislation: Sales Promotion Employees Act, 1976   


2(a) Act Act means the Sales promotion Employees (Conditions of Service) Act, 1976 (11 of 1976)
2(b) Authorised Medical Attendant Authorised Medical Attendant means the medical practitioner authorised by the employer for the purposes of any of the provisions of the Act or the rules made thereunder
2(c) Casual Leave Casual Leave means leave to cover casual absence of the sales promotion employees from duty for personal reasons
2(d) Earned Leave Earned Leave means leave admissible under Clause (a) of Section 4
2(e) Extraordinary Leave Extraordinary Leave means leave granted to the sales promotion employees in special circumstances and when :-
(a) no other leave is admissible; or
(b) other leave is admissible but the employee applies in writing for the grant of extraordinary leave
2(f) Form Form means a form appended to these rules
2(g) Leave Leave means earned leave, leave on medical certificate, extraordinary leave, leave not due, casual leave, study leave or quarantine leave
2(h) Leave Not Dueh Leave Not Due means leave which is not due to a sales promotion employee but which may be granted to him in anticipation of it being earned subsequently
2(i) Leave on Medical Cerificate Leave on Medical Cerificate means leave admissible under Clause (b) of Section 4
2(j) Quarantine Leavee Quarantine Leave means leave of absence from duty by reason of the presence of an infectious disease in the family or household of a Sales Promotion Employee
2(k) Section Section means a section of the Act
2(l) Study Leave Study Leave means leave granted to a sales promotion employee to enable him to undertake a course of study