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Employee State Insurance (General) Regulations, 1950

Related Legislation: ESI Act, 1948   


Collection of Contributions Etc

10-B    Registration of factories or Establishments

10-C    Submission of annual information by factories/establishments

11    Declaration by person in employment on appointed day

12    Declaration by persons engaged after the appointed day

13    Omitted

14    Declaration Form to be sent to appropriate office

15    Allotment of Insurance Number

15-A    Registration of Families

15-B    Changes in Family

16    The Corporation to receive assistance from employers

17    Identity Cards

17-A    Issue of a Certificate of Employment

17-B    Issue of Permanent Acceptance Card

18    Loss of Identity Card

19    Omitted

20    Omitted

21    Omitted

22    Omitted

23    Omitted

24    Omitted

25    Refund for contribution stamps

26    Return of contributions to be sent to appropriate Office

27    Issue of Certificate of Contribution

28    Omitted

29    Payment of Contribution

30    Omitted

31    Time for payment of contribution

31-A    Interest on contribution due, but not paid in time

31-B    Recovery of interest

31-C    Damages or contributions or any other amount due, but not paid in time

32    Register of employees engaged by immediate employer

33    Other modes of payments of contribution

34    Omitted

35    Omitted

36    Employment for part of a wage period

37    Omitted

38    Scheme by joint employers

39    Reckoning of wages of employee employed by two or employers in the same wages period

40    Refund of contribution erroneously paid

41    Omitted

42    Omitted

43    Omitted

Dependant's Benefit

85    Deleted