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The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005


1    Short title, extent and commencement.

2    Definitions

3    Appointment of Controlling Authority

4    Persons or Private Security Agency not to engage or provide private security guard without licence

5    Eligibility for licence

6    Persons not eligible for licence

7    Application for grant of licence

8    Renewal of licence

9    Conditions for commencement of operation and engagement of supervisors

10    Eligibility to be a private security guard

11    Conditions of licence

12    Licence to be exhibited

13    Cancellation and suspension of licence

14    Appeals

15    Register to be maintained by a private security agency

16    Inspection of licence, etc

17    Issue of photo identity card

18    Disclosure of information to unauthorised person

19    Delegation

20    Punishment for contravention of certain provisions

21    Penalty for unauthorised use of certain uniforms

22    Offences by companies

23    Indemnity

24    Framing of model rules for adoption by States

25    Power of State Government to make rules