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Payment of Wages (Air Transport Services) Rules, 1968

Related Legislation: Payment of Wages Act, 1936   


1    Short title, application and extent

2    Definitions

3    Notice of opening, abandonment, discontinuance, resumption and change in the ownership, addresses etc.

4    Register of fines

5    Register of deductions for damage or loss

6    Muster roll and register of wages

7    Combined form of register

8    Preservation and maintenance of register

9    Production of Registers and records

10    Places for displaying notices

11    Notice of dates of payments

11-A    Supervision of Payment

12    List of Acts and Omissions

13    Persons authorised to impose fines

14    Procedure in imposing fines and deductions

15    Deductions under the provisio to sub-section(2) of Section 9

16    Annual Return

17    Advances to employed persons

18    Loans for house building and other purposes

19    Procedure, costs and court fees

20    Abstracts

21    Penalties