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Employees Provident Fund Scheme, 1952

Related Legislation: PF Act, 1952   


Nominations, Payments and Withdrawals From The Fund

61    Nomination

62    Financing of Members' Life Insurance Policies

63    Conversion of policy into a paid-up one and payment of late fee, etc.

64    Assignment of Policies to the Fund

65    Bonus on policy to be adjusted against payments made from the Fund.

66    Reassignment of policies

67    Recovery of amounts paid towards Insurance Policies

68    Omitted

68-A    Omitted

68-B    Withdrawal from the fund for the purchase of a dwelling house/flat or for the construction of a dwelling house

68-BC    Withdrawal financing from the Fund for the purchase of a dwelling house/flat or the construction of a dwelling house

68-BB    Withdrawal from the Fund for repayment of loans in special cases

68-C    Omitted.

68-D    Omitted.

68-E    Computation of period of membership

68-F    Omitted.

68-G    Omitted.

68-GG    Omitted.

68-H    Grant of advance in special cases

68-I    Omitted.

68-J    Advance form the Fund for illness in certain cases

68-K    Advance from the Fund for marriages or post-matriculation education of children

68-L    Grant of advances in abnormal conditions

68-M    Grant of advance to members affected by cut in the supply of electricity.

68-N    Grant of advance to members who are physically handicapped

68-NN    Withdrawal within one year before the retirement

68-NNN    Option for withdrawal at the age of 55 years for investment in Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana

68-O    Payment of withdrawal or advance

68NNNN    Option for withdrawal on cessation of employment

69    Circumstances in which accumulations in the Fund are payable to a member

70    Accumulations of a deceased member -To whom payable?

70-A    Payment of provident fund accumulations in the case of a person charged with the offence of murder.

71    Omitted.

72    Payment of Provident Fund

73    Annual statement of member's account

73-A    Omitted.