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Minimum Wages Act, 1948


1    Short title and extent

2    Interpretation

3    Fixing of minimum rates of wages

4    Minimum rate of wages

5    Procedure for fixing and revising minimum wages

6    Advisory committees and sub-committees

7    Advisory Board

8    Central Advisory Board

9    Composition of committees, etc.

10    Correction of errors

11    Wages in kind

12    Payment of minimum rates of wages

13    Fixing hours for a normal working day, etc.

14    Overtime

15    Wages of worker who works for less than normal working day.

16    Wages for two or more classes of work

17    Minimum time rate wages for piece work

18    Maintenance of registers and records

19    Inspectors

20    Claims

21    Single application in respect of a number of employees

22    Penalties for certain offences

22-A    General provision for punishment of other offences

22-B    Cognizance of offences

22-C    Offences by companies

22-D    Payment of undisbursed amounts due to employees

22-E    Protection against attachment of assets of employer with Government

22-F    Application of Payment of Wages Act, 1936, to scheduled employments

23    Exemption of employer from liability in certain cases

24    Bar of Suits

25    Contracting out

26    Exemptions and exceptions

27    Power of State Government to add to Schedule

28    Power of the Central Government to give directions

29    Power of the Central Government to make rules

30    Power of appropriate Government to make rules

30-A    Rules made by Central Government to be laid before Parliament

31    Validation of fixation of certain minimum rates of wages