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Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Rules, 1988

Related Legislation: Child Labour Act, 1986   


1    Short title and commencement

2    Definitions

3    Term of office of the members of the Committee

2B    Child to help his family without affecting education

2A    Awareness on prohibition of employment of child and adolescents in contravension to the Act

2C    Child to work as an Artist

4    Secretary to the Committee

5    Allowances to non-official members

6    Resignation

7    Removal of Chairman or member of the Committee

8    Cessation of membership

9    Filling up of casual vacancies

10    Time and place of meetings

11    Notice of meetings

12    Presiding at meetings

13    Quorum

14    Decision by majority

15    Sub-Committees

15A    Hours of work

16    Register to be maintained under section 11 of the Act

16A    Payment of amount to child or adolscent from and out of Child and Adolescent Labour Rehabilitation Fund

17    Certificate of Age

17A    Persons who may file complaint

17B    Manner of compounding offenses

17C    Duties of District Magistrate

17D    Duties of Inspectors

17E    Periodical Inspection and Monitoring