Sales Promotion Employees (Conditions of Service) Rules

Holidays and Leave

Section 15: Medical leave

(1) For the purposes of availing leave on medical certificate under clause (b) of section 4, the sales promotion employee shall produce a medical certificate from an authorised medical attendant:
PROVIDED that where a sales promotion employee has proceeded to a place other than his headquarters with the permission of his employer or in the course of the discharge of his duties and there falls ill, he may produce a medical certificate from any registered medical practitioner practising at the place where he falls ill:
PROVIDED FURTHER that the employer may, when the registered medical practitioner whose certificate is produced is not in the service of the Government, arrange at his own expense for the medical examination of the employee concerned by any Government Medical Officer not below the rank of a Civil Assistant Surgeon or by any other Medical Officer in Charge of a hospital run by a local authority or a public organisation at that place.
(2) Leave on medical certificate may be taken in continuation of earned leave.
(3) A sales promotion employee shall be entitled a this option to convert leave on medical certificate on one-half of the wages to half the amount of leave on full wages (hereinafter referred to as converted leave).
(4) Leave on medical certificate or converted leave may be granted to an employee at his request notwithstanding that earned leave is due to him.
(5) Every establishment may authorise one or more medical practitioners registered under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 (102 of 1956), as authorised medical attendants for the purposes of the Act or the rules made thereunder.

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