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National and state amendments and government orders
Notification No. No.SRO A-20/2021
Date of Release 27-10-2021
State Tamil Nadu
Act Tamil Nadu Factories Rules
Description Through an amendment made to Schedule XX of the Factory Rules, which talks about managing, manufacturing, and handling asbestos or use of asbestos in any form, the following changes have been instrumented: I. the Schedule is applicable to all manufacturing processes that involve workers exposure to asbestos or products containing asbestos; ii. It is the responsibility of the occupier of the factory to comply with the provisions of the Schedule pertaining to these workers; iii. The occupier shall prepare procedures and practices in terms of research and technological progress for approval by the Chief Inspector.
Date of Effect 27-10-2021
Applicability All factories in TN involved in manufacturing, processing and handing asbestos
Exemption N/A