Indian labour law encyclopedia

  We offer PAN-India labour law compliance services

Compliance Solutions

  • Establishment compliance - Compliance for your branches and offices
  • Factory Compliance - Compliance for your factories
  • Vendor Compliance - Audits to minimise financial and legal risk due to vendor non compliances
  • PF & ESI Compliance - Compliance under the PF and ESI Act

Our Compliance Philosophy

  • 100% compliance Help the customer aim at a fully compliant organisation
  • Proactive compliance - on going monitoring, tracking and maintenance of records
  • Do away with reactive processes where you discover what you did not do during audits and inspections
  • Technology - We make the best use of our homegrown enterprise software to automate large parts of the compliance process

Elements of the Solution

  • Maintenance of Registers and records
  • Deposit of statutory fees/contributions
  • Preparation and Filing of Returns
  • Display of relevant Notices
  • Obtaining of Registrations/Licenses
  • Site Audits
  • Vendor Audits
  • Education of frontline employees
  • Management of Inspections and Notices,
  • Advisory services

Our strengths

  • PAN-India coverage - with presence in most states and major cities
  • Ability to handle scale - we already perform establishment/ factory/ vendor audits at over 1100 sites every month across India
  • Systems - An ISO 9001:2008 compliance company, a full suite of tools - comply4hr, v-check (vendor compliance), e-check (entity compliance) and edoc (register creation) to meet process and reporting needs end to end
  • Knowledge - comply4HR showcases the depth of our knowledge about labour laws across india
  • Experience - We have been in the labour law compliance business for more than a decade
  • Relationships - We have excellent relationships with labour authorities across the country